manhattan-based workshops

5 W. 19th St. Suite 3R – Ring Bell Q

The Science of Song Creation

Songwriting & Music Recording Development Workshop Led By Chris Belmont • Mondays, April 24th – June 8th • 4:30pm-6:30pm

Learn techniques on how to create a winning song from scratch all the way to the final process of mixing and mastering. This award-winning producer will help you step your pen and melody game up, and, by the end of the workshop series, you will have the opportunity to record your work in the new Urban Word studio! Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Spoken Word, all genres welcome! 


Emotional Historians

Poetry Workshop Led By Jon Sands • Wednesdays, April 26th – June 7th • 4:30pm-6:30pm

How can we construct poems that acknowledge our complicated and dynamic world? How can we guide our readers into what it feels like to be us, alive in 2017? In this workshop, we will explore and produce poetry that reveals the full spectrum of human emotion. Bring a notebook, pen, and a sense of adventure, as we take our art to the edge of the universe, and bring back proof that we’ve been there. 


Tea Time

Publishing & Chapbook Development Workshop Led By Paul Tran
• Tuesdays, April 25th – June 6th 4:30-5:30pm

Do you need a space to vent, relax, or work on some art? Join us for Tea Time with Urban Word NYC’s Poet-In-Residence, Paul Tran. During this hourlong workshop, participants are invited to share space, build community, and/or work on art. Come learn how to develop your chapbooks and get published, or come play Connect Four and talk about whatever is on your mind. 


Scribble Palace

Poetry & Visual Art Workshop Led By Shira Erlichman
• Thursdays, April 27th – June 8th 4:30-6:30pm

Welcome to Scribble Palace where visual art and poetry collide, where a doodle is worth a thousand words and the alphabet can be a painting. We’ll keep artist notebooks, study visual poets like Basquiat and Jenny Holzer, experiment with visual poetry, and create our own crossover where we fuse our art and our poetry. (All levels of artists are invited!)


creatively college bound (CCB)

Erica Fabri • Fridays, September 16th – December 9th 4:30pm-6:30pm

This program is geared towards high school juniors & seniors who want their creative critical voice to soar over the tedium of the college application process. Using spoken word and hip-hop as inspiration, we will write high-quality college application essays and explore numerous scholarship opportunities. This workshop will put you on track to get into college, and earn scholarships.

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