Urban Word NYC Associate Program Director Sofia Snow Releases “We Been Waiting!”

A few weeks ago I awoke to a text message from Sofía: “Ok so! What about releasing WBW on my bday (2/22)?”

me: “YES”

It’s been almost 3 years since we shot this video, and the name could not be more comically fitting: We Been Waiting. I sometimes cringe when I look back at videos I shot years ago, but not with this one. Because of Sofía. I remember that day vividly. We ordered Dominos pizza at the end, after we walked around State Street talking to strangers and filmed a portion in the tiny Fine Arts studio of Jay Katelansky. The beginning of a (hopefully life-long) collaboration.

Sofía Snow inspires me, and I am not alone in this sentiment. She is not someone who will do great things, rather, she does great things – with her words, in her community, she changes lives. When collaborating with Sofía, I only hope that my visuals attempt to live up to the excellence of her poetry, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to try. The world needs more MCs like Sofía. We Been Waiting.

– Director: Nina Ham

We’re so proud to announce that our Associate Programs Director, Sofia Snow, after 3 years, has released the video for the aptly-titled “We Been Waiting.” On her reasoning for finally dropping this jem, Sofia says:

When I decided to write it, I was thinking about all the things that made me prolong identifying as an emcee. At first, I would tell myself I couldn’t rap because I was a poet. Then I admitted to myself that I couldn’t rap because I didn’t want to be judged. And finally I confessed I wasn’t rapping because I was scared to be lumped into the category “female emcee.” What is that? Do I have to dress a certain way? Do I have a list of topics I can write about? What is the audience expecting of me?

I finally landed on: Why? Lol! Why are womyn either pedestaled as the “first lady” of male dominated crews or brushed to the side as groupies? And where did my fear even come from??? What does it mean to be a womyn in hip hop? When Nina Ham agreed to hit the streets (lol, ‪#‎shoutout‬ to Madison) with the questions: “WHAT MAKES ART GOOD? WHAT IS SEXY?” we wanted to make it EXCEEDINGLY CLEAR that there is an audience for every type of artist. We wanted to spotlight the diversity of artists who EXIST and who ARE KILLING IT.

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